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7.10.7 SF

제품명 7.10.7 SF


특징 생산 시점 관리 시스템에서 품질의 이해

●LED lighting and fixture plate system for easy workspace access and visibility
●Message lighting system to alert users of system status from a distance
●User-focused jogbox and holder design to make interacting with the machine more intuitive
●Integrated touch-screen monitor with hidden cable management provides convenient operator input
●Hardened linear guides to provide reliable inspection in the long term
●Light-weight bellows and covers protect machine components from shop-floor contaminants and reduce friction to keep downtime to a minimum
●Thermal isolation elements and temperature compensation that ensure accuracy, even in changing temperatures
●Vibration isolation to reduce the effect of vibrations on measurements for the best possible readings, with an optional active dampening system available for extreme environments
●Various touch trigger and continuous contact analogue scanning probe options available to meet a range of measurement requirements










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